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 Marketing Automation 

It's no longer difficult to create cross-channel automated campaigns. According to recent study, marketing automation is thought to be profitable yet challenging to implement. This is set to change now with our automation tool.

For over a decade, marketers worldwide have used our Marketing Automation Tool to conduct campaigns for some of the most valued and trusted companies. Today, our clients have created hundreds of active automated processes to engage with their customers. Automation Whiteboard makes it even easier to set up sophisticated automated email campaigns and other workflows - without the need for programmers.

Marketing Automation

Platform Capabilities


Save time and budget by visualizing and understanding your workflows easily.

Centralized View

Manage multiple automations on one whiteboard.


Use templates and already created email-marketing processes as starting points to speed-up the setup of new processes.


Be sure that your processes work right away by validating it with a single click.

Leverage easy-to-use, predefined templates

Platform Capabilities
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