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Loyalty points today have little influence on customer behavior

Loyalty points (today) have little influence on consumer behavior – because the vast majority of customers know they will never earn enough in one program to redeem for something of emotional interest. 

Partnerships of many merchants issuing a common loyalty currency (points/miles), widely known as Coalition Loyalty Program, is the winning model – because customers know they can benefit faster – so they are motivated to collect. Unfortunately, most existing ´coalition´ loyalty programs require complicated integrations and include high operating costs - that extract too much value from the ecosystem.

Coalition Loyalty Program
Exchange points over one simple integration

We Help You Overcome These Challenges ...

By enabling partners to easily exchange points with just one simple integration.

Enable the Next Generation Loyalty Eco-System for fast, easy and cost-effective points exchange to Loyalty Partners, and most importantly - enhanced Loyalty Points Relevance for all customers.

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