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Artificial intelligence and machine learning make Intelligence the smartest customer analytics platform of the industry, helping you to optimize customer experience across channels.

Collect Without Limitation

Raw data is the fuel that drives business performance optimization and is an analyst’s best friend. Combine every dimension with every metric so no question will be left unanswered. Plus, the data collected belongs to you and you only.

Analyze Cross-Channel & Device

Truly understanding the cross-device customer journey is the key to modern customer marketing and analysis. Connect visits to devices without an identifiable customer ID enabling even the most complex organizations to get the full picture.

Activate! Make your data work for you

Data-driven decision making at its finest with ROI models, custom campaigns, predictive analytics and customer lifetime value calculations. We enable organizations to take efficient customer marketing to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

They make Mapp Intelligence the smartest customer analytics platform of the industry, helps you to optimize customer experience across channels. Based on retrospective data, ML makes it possible to predict future customer behavior in the customer journey. What is the expected order value? What is the probability the prospective customer will turn into ann actual customer?

The Benefits of Prediction is ...

Predicting customers spend in the next 30 days.

Customer spend on the 30 days
Product recommendation

Predicting the likelihood to convert.

Predict the likelihood to convert

Convert and product recommendations with many models to choose from or creating a custom model with the help of data scientists.

Real-time score

Real-time scoring on the likelihood to convert or churn in session.

Predict customer churn

Predicting the likelihood for the customer to churn.

Optimize remarketing

Optimize remarketing with a focus on the most promising website visitors.

Predict future sales trends

Predict future sales trends automatically and interlink them with the expected customer lifetime value.

The Benefits of Prediction
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