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Engaging With People is Our Business

Interactive Rewards is an interactive marketing company that specializes in Customer Engagement and Loyalty Marketing solutions and services. We pride ourselves with providing you with innovative marketing solutions that combine cutting-edge technology and expert professional services based on global best practices.

Why Us

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Holistic Approach

We provide a holistic service offering, allowing you to harness our expertise for effective campaigns while dedicating your energy to your core competencies. Our unique proposition lies in our commitment to delivering the latest in customer engagement and loyalty technology, complemented by a range of professional services designed to simplify the execution of your campaigns.

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We firmly believe in the power of collaboration for successful marketing campaigns. By working closely with you, we gain insights into your business, goals and target audience. This collaborative approach ensures that the campaigns we create are not only effective but also tailored to be relevant and engaging.

We utilize an insight-driven approach which involves harnessing data to glean meaningful understanding and guide strategic decisions. This data-centric methodology empowers you to adapt swiftly, optimize processes, and innovate, ensuring a competitive edge in today's dynamic landscape.

Insights Driven



Where Creativity Meets Digital Strategy



We strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences by leveraging data-driven insights, cutting-edge technologies and subject matter expertise  to drive engagement, growth and brand loyalty.



Creating innovative and engaging experiences that connect brands with their audience.

Insights Driven
Customer Engagement

Interactive Marketing refers to “the ability to address an individual and the ability to gather and remember the response of that individual” leading to “the ability to address the individual once more in a way that takes into account his or her unique response”(Deighton, 1996).

Utilizing leading edge marketing technology, we collect and unify customer data, transform these into actionable customer insights, and activate these across the preferred engagement channels.

Omni-Channel Customer Interactions

We are passionate about customer engagement, and helping our clients to optimize marketing interactions with their customers. We help clients engage their audience with exceptional efficiency through highly personalized and automated marketing messages.

Reach customers with the best message at the right time, at every stage of their journey with your brand across different channels including Email, Mobile Push, In-App, Whatsapp, SMS & Web.

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