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Loyalty Management Services

Consumers today expect you to know what they want or need, to engage with them in the right channel and at the right time.

To meet the increasingly demanding expectations of consumers, loyalty marketing technology needs to have the ability to ingest, derive insights and activate these data across all customer touch points (Email, Mobile Push, In-App, SMS, Whatsapp & Web). More importantly, they need to have the ability to orchestrate and deliver delightful customer experiences across relevant channels that make the customer feel understood and appreciated throughout the engagement journey.

At Interactive Rewards, from years of engaging with enterprise clients, we know that a loyalty management platform is just an enabler which has low or zero value to your business if you are not able to harness it for the benefit of your business objectives. Hence, we do not sell you a loyalty management platform and expect you to figure out how to implement a customer engagement journey, but rather, we provide the expertise to implement and execute them.

Loyalty Management Services

 Loyalty Rules & Logic

Loyalty Rules & Logic

  • Points Rules

  • Customer Tiers

  • Enrolment Criteria

  • Lifestyle & Interest Groups

Gamification & Engagement

Gamification & Engagement

  • Customized Games

  • Survey & Quizzes

  • Friend Referral

  • Social Media Sharing

  • Contest

Rewards & Offers

Rewards & Offers

  • Merchandise & Giftcard

  • Coupons & Vouchers

  • Points Exchange

  • Cashback

  • Events

 Customer Journey & Campaigns

Customer Journey & Campaigns

  • Event-Based Campaigns

  • Triggered Campaigns

  • Segmented Campaigns

  • Automated Lifecycle Journeys

  • Personalized Communication

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