Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help you optimize customer experiences across channels

Customer Insights

  • Aggregated performance summary across all campaigns

  • Campaign performance analysis by Message/Group Category

  • Individual message performance analysis

  • Customer analysis on growth and engagement trends

  • Customer intelligence (most engaged time of the day/week)

  • Customer location and device analysis

  • Send-out performance

Campaign Dashboards


  • Retention Cohorts

  •  User Segmentation for Analytics

  •  Recency, Frequency, Engagement

  •  Customer Journey

  •  Audience targeting

  •  Customer Demographics & Affinities

  •  Conversion Probability

  •  Product Performance

Customer Analysis and Insights


Web Personalization

  • Data-driven audience targeting

  • Personalized banners based on context of the engagement as well as customer profile

  • Pop-overs

  •  HTML block insertion based on dynamic rules

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Powerful ways to plan and create value across all digital channels

We are an interactive marketing company specializing in DIGITAL and LOYALTY marketing. Employing leading edge digital technologies, we bring best of breed email marketing solutions, mobile marketing solutions, marketing automation and web marketing technologies to our customers. 

We are passionate about customer experience, and helping our clients to derive rich and rewarding interactions with their customers. We help clients engage their audience with exceptional efficiency through real-time, optimized experiences. Reach customers with the best message at the right time,  at every stage of their journey with your brand.

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