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Why You Need A CDP At The Core Of Your Engagement Platform

Using customer data to fuel and improve your marketing is nothing new. The most successful companies have been doing it for years, knowing that it is critical to their success. So why are so many businesses still not reaping the full benefits of their data?

How to harness the power of your data

Decisions in marketing need to be powered by analytics and insights. But to make this work, you need to be sure that your data is accurate, accessible, and actionable. If you don’t trust your data, then you’ll never be comfortable letting it run your marketing campaigns.

As your data pours in from many different sources, it’s vital to manage all that information in an efficient way. And to be efficient, you’re going to need help from some tech. Enter the CDP.

“Customer data platforms consolidate and integrate data from multiple heterogeneous sources into a single, trusted repository that supplies accurate customer data to analytical and operational systems throughout the martech stack.” – Forrester

The main purpose of a CDP is to unify your first-, second-, and third-party data in a single place. This will allow you to easily analyze your data, gain customer knowledge, and use it to power your marketing campaigns.

A CDP at the core of your engagement platform

One of the defining features of a true CDP is that it is managed by marketers. After you’ve done the hard work of integrating all of your customer data in one place, it’s time to activate it!

Having a CDP that is directly tied to an execution platform will allow you to use customer insights in real time. Then leverage that knowledge to run customer-centric and highly personalized marketing campaigns through native channels, such as email, mobile, and web.

Imagine everything that you could do with a single platform that powered your insights and your marketing?

Mapp is here to help

There is no need to manage and pay for a separate CDP and engagement platform. With Mapp Cloud, the CDP is already built into the core of our tech! We give you access to Mapp’s full marketing automation suite directly linked to a CDP, so you can launch your customer engagement strategy in real time.

1. Integrate all your data in one place

Mapp helps you collect data from your eCommerce platform, loyalty programs, CRM, POS, DSP, and so much more. Our solution offers advanced capabilities to enhance and transform your data as it is brought into our CDP to make it understandable, accessible, and actionable.

Mapp uses a variety of integration options to bring your data into our CDP, including onsite pixels, web & app SDKs, click & native tags, API methods, bulk file uploads, and our direct integrations.

2. Enrich your customer intelligence

With Mapp’s CDP, your data is not only collected, but also enriched and enhanced to build a strategic, actionable data hub.

Data enriched & predicted by Mapp:

  • Profile Scoring

  • RFM Modelling

  • Likelihood to Spend

  • Likelihood to Churn

  • Best Sendout Time

  • Channel Prediction

  • Recommendations

  • Engagement Scoring

  • Segment Enriching

3. Gain a 360° view of each customer

Mapp’s unified profiles let you visualize your customers from every angle. Personal attributes, purchase history, engagement, and loyalty status give you a comprehensive picture of your customer. Brands can hone in on a single customer and gain insights into every touch point in their journey.

4. Let us help you connect the dots

The multitude of data stored in our CDP enriches the profiles of known contacts. But what about unknown contacts? One of the hardest data sources to collect and correctly link back to an individual is their online browsing behavior.

Mapp collects anonymous data from the web and feeds it directly into our data store, while always being on the lookout for key identifiers to match these users. When a connection happens, the data is joined together in an individual profile to paint a more accurate picture of that customer’s journey. As a result, your marketing budget will be allocated more effectively, and your strategy will have a better impact.

This article was first published by MAPP. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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