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The 10-Step Checklist To Kickass Email Deliverability Results

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The success of your email marketing campaign depends heavily on good deliverability. If your emails aren’t getting delivered, then email marketing is a massive waste of time and money. We loved eDataSource’s blog post about the ten “do-not’s” in email deliverabilty – so we created the list of “must-do’s” to ensure your email marketing gets kickass results.

  1. Send your emails on a regular schedule to a consistent contact list.

  2. Remove the hard bounces and “complainers” (people who marked your email as spam) from your list after each campaign – and delete them permanently. Inactive accounts stay inactive; complainers don’t want your mail.

  3. Don’t use IP or domain hopping. The times of “burnt IPs” are over. Now ISPs want to identify you and assign a reputation reflecting your practices. Note: If you are having reputation issues, remove non-engagers from your list and email only the most active users until you get back into the inbox.

  4. Avoid spam words in your headline. Bad practices include: ALL CAPS, % or ! signs and spammy terms like “free”, “winner”, “cash”, “urgent” etc.

  5. Align the “from” domain with the real sending domain. In other words, the domain being displayed should be the same (or parent domain) as the one you are sending from. For instance, the delegated domain is, then the “from” domain should be as wellor simply the parent domain (but not a completely different domain like or

  6. Similarly, remain consistent with links as well. Links to external domains and, even worse, links with a different description than the actual target need to be avoided.

  7. Test your campaign before sending it to the full audience.

  8. Generate all new contacts with a double-opt-in – and make sure you keep valid permission data for the existing subscribers.

  9. Enable DMARC (force reject policy after testing) and BIMI for all sending domains.

  10. Last but not least: every email must contain an unsubscribe possibility, the sender name, contact info, and a legal disclaimer.

This article was first published by MAPP. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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