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Sky VIP UK with Head of Customer Loyalty

Some years ago, the company recognised some key underlying challenges to retaining happy customers as they began to challenge how the brand offered preferential rates to new customers rather than existing ones. Many believed the brand wasn't being as loyal to them as they were to Sky!

This insight allowed a fundamental shift in the business to firstly ensure a consistent product offering to customers but also add in a powerful programme to acknowledge customer loyalty, particularly over longer periods of time.

With a clear intention for customers to feel loved, in 2017, Sky launched its VIP programme, the first tenure-based programme in the industry which continues to promise that "the longer you stay, the better it gets".

From delivering exclusive live experiences for over a million customers a year, to now delivering even more extraordinary & innovative virtual experiences, Rob Chandler shares how Sky VIP is each day creating new and exciting ways to really say thanks to its customers.

Listen to this week's episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty" podcast for exclusive insights on loyalty long term as well as innovative loyalty ideas in lockdown.

Show Notes:

1) Rob Chandler - Head of Customer Loyalty - Sky UK

2) All Customer's Are Not Created Equal - by Stan Phelps

3) The Gamification Revolution: How Leaders Leverage Game Mechanics to Crush the Competition - by Gabe Zichermann This article was first published by Let's Talk Loyalty. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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