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MAPP Intelligence Takes Data-Driven Cross-Channel Marketing to the Next Level

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

With the launch of Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk, Mapp proudly introduces an intuitive solution that generates clear customer insights for the finance, e-commerce/retail, and publishing industries. This innovation is a substantial step towards the integration of Webtrekk’s customer intelligence and marketing analytics software with Mapp’s digital marketing cloud, Mapp Cloud.

Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk enriches Mapp’s portfolio, comprising the Mapp Engage cross-channel execution engine and the Mapp Acquire data management platform to deliver a truly comprehensive package for real marketing intelligence. The customer intelligence solution – enabling the collection, analysis, and activation of first-party data – is the “brain” of Mapp’s digital marketing cloud.

Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk delivers the following services:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Using artificial intelligence, predictive analytics can accurately forecast the customer lifetime value or conversion and churn probabilities. Future sales trends can thus be predicted and marketing budgets adjusted accordingly. The Smart Alert function also detects data anomalies and automatically issues warnings to the relevant stakeholders. As a result, positive anomalies can be identified so that successful developments and spikes can be leveraged in a targeted manner. Bugs and malfunctions can thereby also be detected and eliminated at an early stage.

  2. Customer Insights: Patterns in customer behavior are identified and presented in easily scalable dashboards. Path Analysis visualizes the customer journey and performance of products. This enables companies to derive cross-device strategies for optimizing interaction.

  3. Web Personalization: Onsite personalization enables highly personalized content to be presented in real time. Based on specific customer behavior or pre-defined customer profiles, personalized advertising banners and overlays can be activated to ensure the best possible customer experience.

  4. Product Recommendations: Customized to reflect the individual click and purchase behavior of each customer, Mapp Intelligence produces personalized product recommendations. Shopping cart abandoners are persuaded to make a purchase with personalized offers.

  5. Audience Stream: Data and user segments from websites, apps, emails, and social media are merged and transmitted to third-party systems in real time for customized remarketing campaigns. Companies retain complete control over their data.

Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp, says: “In an ever more complex marketing landscape, the launch of Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk will provide companies with a solution that supports marketers by dramatically simplifying their daily work. By integrating Webtrekk’s analytics and AI expertise into Mapp Cloud, we can now deliver a fully comprehensive service to our customers that enables them to easily manage their entire cross-channel marketing. We are becoming a true marketing intelligence platform – delivering added value far beyond conventional marketing clouds.”

This article was first published by MAPP. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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