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Loyalty Leadership using NPS and Customer Lifetime Value

As the founder of Bain & Company's Customer practice, Rob Markey is the one of the world's leading authorities on customer loyalty, having co-created The Net Promoter System® - the industry metric and framework now used by more than two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies. 

Rob co-authored the best-selling book "The Ultimate Question 2.0" with Fred Reichheld, and he is now a keynote speaker, leader of the NPS Loyalty Forum and a podcaster on customer and employee experience. 

In this episode of Let's Talk Loyalty, we discuss the insights that led to the development of the NPS framework as our industry's most used (and abused) measurement tool, as well as how Bain and Company is currently advising its clients to more thoroughly measure, monitor and share customer health indicators in order to encourage a more "patient' approach from investors and management alike.

Show Notes:

1) Rob Markey: Customer Experience Transformations | Loyalty | Strategy & Marketing | Author | Speaker | Podcaster

2) Rob Markey's website

3) The Ultimate Question 2.0: Driving Good Profits and True Growth

4) Net Promoter System: Website and podcast

5) HBR 2003: The One Number You Need to Grow  

6) HBR 2020: Spotlight Series - Articles by Rob Markey, Pete Fader and Dan McCarthy and Jack Brennan

This article was first published by Let's Talk Loyalty. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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