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Get Better Email Open Rates With Mapp’s “Best Send Out Time” Feature

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

When it comes to email, opens lead to clicks and clicks lead to conversions. This simple concept is key to making sure email stays the high ROI channel that it should be.

While there are many different metrics, email opens still form the foundation of email marketing. We as marketers strive to optimize open rates through various methods, including subject lines, personalization, and device targeting.

Even better would be if you were able to reach more people by sending communications when they are more likely to be checking their emails, therefore more likely to open them. Best Send Out Time is a feature in the Mapp Engage platform that allows you to automatically send out communications at the times customers or prospects are most engaged.

The premise is simple but extremely effective: record, compute, and assign the correct time segment to a customer. Now let’s dive into a bit more detail, shall we?

  1. Record: Track when a customer opens emails, whether they are newsletters or lifecycle communications. The more historical opens, the more accurate the results – but we do make sure to take recent changes in behavior into consideration.

  2. Compute: Using machine learning algorithms, MappEngage will compute the best timeslot to place the customer in, taking current habits into consideration. This is done on a 30-minute basis.

  3. Assign: Mapp Engage will assign each user to their time zone – and this is recalculated every 7 days in case it needs to be adjusted based on behavioral changes.

Now that the WHY and WHAT is out of the way, we get onto the HOW. And this part is really simple: we have included this feature in the Engagement Whiteboard and Automation features within Mapp Engage in order to maximize the efficacy of your lifecycle emails. Bonus: There are plans to roll this out to the Bulk Sending functionality, but that’s a closely guarded secret for now.

Best Send Out Time Whiteboard

The combination of lifecycle automation and Best Send Out Time is a winner all around, allowing you to automate communications and optimize at what times they are sent. This ensures your customer gets the email when they are most likely to open it, resulting in a more customer-centric experience.

This article was first published by MAPP. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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