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Building Your Program's Profitability - Loyalty's Hidden Potential

Updated: Feb 15

Tune in and catch Tom's brief overview from the original podcast hosted by Paula Thomas where she is joined by Jonathan Hopkins and Angus Frazer, co-founders of Sonder Media.

Sonder Media is a consulting firm that specializes in identifying, valuing, and optimizing the media value of loyalty programs, and Tom will summarise the key insight from Jonathan and Angus who share their expertise on Loyalty’s high margin potential.

The original podcast shows the power and potential profitability of using the unique assets, permissions and insights from your loyalty program as a media business, an increasingly popular idea being considered by program owners in order to increase returns from their loyalty program investment.

Listen to Tom summarise the challenges and the potential of this big idea, and how you can explore building a media business in a way that continues to meet the needs of your members and your brand, as well as with advertising partners.

This article was first published by Let's Talk Loyalty. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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