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Why experience matters in the digital world?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Embrace the age of smarter shopping The impact of digital technology on commerce is powerful and fast moving.

Today’s shopper is 100% connected digitally 100% of the time. The proliferation in mobile devices means that customers can browse and buy whenever and wherever. With technology now being inseparable from everything consumers do and attention spans diminishing, this presents a new battleground for brands where they are being constantly challenged to innovate, cut through the clutter and keep up with this rapidly changing evolution.

A recent report from Internet Retailing calculates that more than £150bn ($187bn) of retail sales are now in uenced by digital and that retailers whose services don’t meet customers’ expectations could lose more than £12bn ($15bn) a year.3 And according to new research by Kibo 4, six in ten shoppers are ready to stop using retailers that are unable to cater for their digital expectations, such as next-day click-and-collect. So, with this ‘always on’ digital shopping street, there is an urgency to transform marketing and connect with more digitally-savvy customers.

The ultimate digital experience combines all the separate digital touch points so customers can interact with you in store, on the web, via mobile devices or through call centres in an absolutely seamless way – with the  exibility to connect, research, shop, receive and return merchandise as they like. At the same time, you can capture, collate and interpret both known and unknown data along the way, building a picture of each individual customer, creating personalized, relevant, content-rich engagement opportunities, whilst streamlining operational processes. Now that sounds like smarter shopping. Today’s consumers are already multi-channel shoppers. It’s now time for retailers and brands to live up to their expectations.

Why digital experience matters:

  1. Collate key data to deliver personalized engagements

  2. Boost in-store experience Increase sales and brand affinity

  3. Simplify consumer choice and stay top of mind

  4. Improve conversion rates and boost pro tability

  5. Increase customer acquisition and retention

  6. Outclass the competition and increase market share

  7. Improve customer loyalty and build brand advocates

  8. Improve inventory visibility and maximize retail operational ef ciencies

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