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Who will provide the Customer Loyalty Programs of the future?

Updated: Feb 15

We all know how Big Tech like Apple, Google, Facebook and TikTok already use our personal data to enrich their experiences and deliver many the ongoing engagement features associated with a customer loyalty program.

But where else could I look if I wanted to build a customer loyalty program?

My Payment Gateway: They can tokenise and track my customer’s payment card transactions and show me the purchasing behaviours of my most valuable customers.

My Marketing Automation Provider: They can track and profile my customers on how they respond to different messages and promotions across different channels; direct, social media.

My Point-of Sale: They can digitise my customer receipts and deliver targeted offers based on item spend to different portals such as my Banking app. Allowing me to target and reward additional bank customers in real time.

Want to know what the future holds for customer loyalty?

Then why not Ask CSN

This article was first published by Customer Strategy Network. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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