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Publisher Spotlight: Mapp On Lead Generation for Advertisers

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Mapp is one of our publisher partners who supply an integrated data management platform with the intent of helping brands stand out to reach their potential. Alongside their many services, they offer lead generation which can add value to advertisers who may have lost data due to GDPR compliance. We recently got the chance to catch up with Will Eke and Pat Guidi at Mapp to find out more about more about their services and how they can help drive new customers for brands.

Can you tell us a bit more about Mapp?

Mapp is a unique independently owned technology company where Adtech and Martech combine to allow our clients to orchestrate customer engagement over e-mail, social, mobile and web marketing with one simple dashboard. We are headquartered in San Diego and have offices in a further 30+ countries around the world. Our simple modular cloud stack allows clients to pick and choose the technology they would like to utilise whether it be prospecting for new clients or speaking in a timely and personalised manner to existing customers. Outside of the best in class technology, we pride ourselves on account management, truly partnering with clients and being agile.

Focusing on your lead generation offering, with many advertisers experiencing data loss post-GDPR how can you help fill this gap and drive new customers?

GDPR has been huge for many brands both in the build-up and after. Enormous amounts of 1st party data have been lost but marketers KPIs have stayed the same. Here at Mapp, we can help build up lost data sets utilising our extensive, GDPR compliant publisher network. We help drive users through to compliant landing pages (either hosted by us or the client) so that they opt into brands products and services in a compliant way. We don’t just stop there, we feel it’s valuable to find out as much as possible about a new customer at the data collection point so that the follow-up communication can be tailored accordingly. Using our Mapp engage platform we can help build out welcome programmes and nurture streams for clients to make the best use of their new data.

Does lead generation work for all verticals?

Lead Generation works for most verticals and is strong in fashion, travel, FMCG, automotive, retail, health and fitness. In terms of the luxury sector, we have a great list of premium publishers who have engaged and relevant users. By leveraging our experience in data acquisition for luxury brands and helping them build out relevant user profiles, segmentation of users and the subsequent nurture follow-ups, we are able to drive quality data sets for clients. By building up brand affinity and helping suggest the type of content that clients might want to promote to their newly acquired data sets, users remain loyal and increase in lifetime value as a result.

Can you give us a case study/example of how Mapp has executed successful lead generation campaigns?

We have a case study with Barbour outlining the success we’ve had with them. It is a great example as it not only helped Barbour gather huge amounts of new users (49,000) but also added significant value to their CRM strategy by helping them with nurture flows and segmentation of data. It also significantly increased brand awareness across multiple channels, the volume of traffic to the Barbour website and was also featured in a national newspaper further amplifying the campaign messages.

How can you also support advertisers on an affiliate basis (CPA) to meet user acquisition/ new user goals?

As mentioned earlier, we go above and beyond in terms of data collection and are committed with helping brands to build up brand affinity whilst ultimately pushing users further down the sales funnel with timely and relevant content through nurture e-mails. CPA tags can be added to all of the follow-up e-mails and we can optimise accordingly but don’t charge on for this. We only charge on cost-per-lead or cost-per-form fill.

With many advertisers focused on growing their brand internationally, how can your service cater to different markets?

Being in over 30 different countries, we can scale to suit the clients’ needs in multiple markets. Local language support is available and we have great experience in running campaigns in multiple countries simultaneously.

How can you work creatively with brands to help them tap into new target audiences?

We have had great success in the past with brands who are open to new things and who are looking to tap into new audiences outside of those they already know. We have helped in terms of building out both the acquisition content as well as landing pages, data collection and follow up communications using our proprietary URL tech builder. This helps clients to visualise how a potential campaign and user flow would look. A great example of this is for Topman which picked up the best data acquisition campaign award at the Performance Marketing Awards.

What quality controls do you put in place to help protect brands that work in the premium and luxury space?

There are a number of quality controls that we put in place and this starts with our exclusive and vetted publisher network where each publisher must pass a rigorous onboarding process proving out their user base and opt-ins amongst a raft of other criteria that have to be met. From a campaign perspective, publishers are then able to install all of the expected criteria if needed (the campaign can’t appear next to sensitive information, competitors, etc) In terms of data hygiene, our landing pages are designed to cleanse user data to make sure that they have valid e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and that they aren’t duplicates. Once this is done, the follow-up communication adds another layer of quality control encouraging further engagement and if at any time a user opts out then Mapp will the replace the user with a new sign up.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

There has never been a better time to run data acquisition/lead generation campaigns. GDPR has had a big impact and this has meant that brands have lost data and needs replacing but the data that is now available for targeting is of much higher quality – it is almost as if GDPR was a giant data audit in the marketplace. Coupled with this we are now in the second half of the year. In the past brands and companies that have engaged in lead generation campaigns at this time of year have had great results in the run-up to the final quarter, and of course, Christmas because the data is nurtured and highly engaged as a result.

Please contact Will or Pat at Mapp now to find out how quick and easy it is to get started with this type of activity. You can also check out their quick and easy 6 steps to successful customer data acquisition.

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