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Mapp’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) simplifies cross-channel marketing

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Marketers around the world are struggling to leverage all their customer data. They know they need to be data savvy, but in reality, the Martech landscape is complex. The emerging solution to this problem are CDPs – customer data platforms. Just this Monday, we saw Salesforce invest $800M in CDP company, Datorama, to enhance their cross-channel marketing offering. Why are CDPs the solution? Let me explain my vision of a Customer Data Platform and how it plays a role in cutting-edge marketing organizations.

Martech acronyms are confusing, but CDP shouldn’t be Marketers are drowning in perplexing Martech acronyms: the DMPs, ESPs, DSPs, SMSs, and trying to execute marketing across all these channels. And each channel is generating an abundant amount of customer data, adding to the overwhelming goal of creating data-driven campaigns.

Thanks to the emergence of Customer Data Platforms (CDP), customer data is easy to work with and easy to act on.

CDP should be here to make things simpler for marketers, not harder.

Customer Data Platforms enable an ingestion of data and its execution on marketing channels without involving any third-party platform. Today, traditional CDPs first require outside platforms to store data and then third-party platforms to execute on that data for marketing.

Mapp Cloud’s vision is to connect all data sources and give marketers access to the data, actionable insights from the data, and a platform to directly execute marketing programs based on that data – all from the same place.

What if marketers don’t have a CDP? If marketers don’t have a CDP, they will fall behind competitors in their space. I think it’s critical for marketers to understand the importance of data sets; that they have access to all the pieces of their customer profile data, so they can provide personalized content to their customers.

Marketers continue to waste money and time on messages and marketing that don’t offer any return on investment.

I think in a few years, you’re going to see some marketers who have not made the CDP choice at the right time, struggling to provide high-quality messaging and content to their customers.

Lastly, with privacy and GDPR becoming more prevalent in the marketplace, it’s more urgent than ever that marketers be compliant with GDPR and security rules with regard to the information of their customers. CDPs enable your data to be made available to customers. This is why we believe CDPs are inevitable.

Mapp’s vision of a CDP Mapp Cloud’s vision is that the CDP should give marketers a unique customer profile with a view of all aspects of their clients. It should all be about the ability to take behavioral data, contextual data, and personalized content and deliver that for marketers across all aspects of their channels.

At Mapp, we think all clients need a strong data set in a strong data store, which we call a CDP. But more importantly, CDPs should allow for good marketing execution based on this data and this is how we designed Mapp Cloud.

In the future, CDPs will evolve into something broader Today, CDPs are a great thing and they are becoming a requirement at top-notch companies. Eventually, CDPs will evolve into marketing suites enabling the connection of all data and all channels for marketers across the world. Mapp Cloud is already designed in that way.

Our vision at Mapp is to enhance marketers’ ability to insightfully and accessibly utilize their customer data and deliver a multi-dimensional view of it to generate highly converting, highly engaging campaigns with personalized content for customers. Designed in that way, we believe the CDP can be a real asset for those encountering troubles with data-driven marketing.

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