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Delivering Email Best Practices by the Boatload with Norwegian Cruise Line

At Cheetah Digital, we’re fortunate to work with some of the biggest and most respected names in the travel and hospitality industry, including brands located all across the seven seas.

One of our favorites, Norwegian Cruise Line, recently invited us to speak at their “Week of You” event, a series of curated virtual webinars looking to inspire and inform their travel partners. During the “NCL Tools To Grow Your Business” session, our very own Julian Bracey-Davis joined Jason Krimmel, Vice President of International and Trade Marketing at Norwegian Cruise Line, to discuss NCL’s extensive marketing platform. This platform allows travel agents to create customized digital assets — such as video, social media, and email — they can share with their clients when promoting NCL’s unique travel experiences. For the latter asset, Julian discussed some best practices when it comes to email, to help these travel partners maximize results and convert their marketing efforts into bookings. These tips are of course useful for all.

Before we dive off into the main deck swimming pool, a note that this session also provided a timely reminder of the general importance of using email to remain engaged with clients throughout the difficult days of COVID-19, and especially as we can start to see how life may look in 2021. Such points were also raised during our Signals 20 chat with Holly Moorland on the “Travel and Hospitality panel.”

  • Keeping top of mind > Customers may not be ready to spend yet, but they are reading communications from brands. You can’t stay top of mind if you’re not in their inbox.

  • A familiar voice & enjoyable content > You are talking to people who have opted in to hearing from your brand. Providing some bright aspirational content can go a long way.

  • Light at the end of the tunnel > Customers are starting to plan to have some fun again. Let them know what is possible and how you can make this future happen, safely.

  • Turn the negatives into positives > A whole year has been upended, things people didn’t fully appreciate before are now returning. Tap into this new enthusiasm and joy.

To get all the best practices for email messaging and more, download our handy guide today!

This article was first published by Cheetah Digital. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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