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Customer Loyalty Design

Our extensive loyalty and rewards experience in building and implementing loyalty programs allows us to guide you towards optimizing your marketing program. Interactive Rewards works as your Customer Loyalty Program Partner, helping you to derive rewarding relationships with your customers.

In today’s competitive business environment companies are constantly facing the challenge of customer attrition and loss of market share. It is becoming more intense especially with high market saturation that has led to indistinctive product differentiation. Conventional marketing methods such as advertisement alone is simply not enough to maintain competitiveness. Hence, more companies are emphasizing on building long term and sustainable relationship with their customers.

Clearly, relationships drive the strength of customer engagements. While long-term relationships with chosen, valued customers are a strategic imperative for business success, understanding how businesses and customers think, feel and act towards each other is an absolute key to the fulfilment and satisfaction of both parties.

Fundamentals of Loyalty Marketing

Customers Are Not Equal
Customers are individuals who demand highly personalized products and services.

Behavior Follows Rewards
This is a basic psychological truth that generally customer/human behavior can be influenced by rewards.

Information is Powerful & Profitable
Companies with the best customer information and possess the resources to utilize this information effectively will be able to target, market, recruit, relate to and retain their customers most effectively.

Good Relationships are Dynamic
Customer needs change over time- the ability to identify, anticipate, and react to these changes are critical to ensure customer retention. 

Embarking on a loyalty program can be an intimidating experience there are many variations and models such as points program, cash rebate program, discount program, privileges program, and many others. Designing and implementing the right loyalty program model is absolutely crucial to ensure the long term success and sustainability of the program.

IR as your Loyalty Partner …….. Our extensive experience in building and implementing loyalty programs allows us to guide you towards optimizing your program.

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