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Email Delivery Monitoring

Reaching the Inbox is Key - Successful email marketing depends on your ability to reach inboxes and Delivery Monitoring enables you to measure your success.


For each sendout, our marketing platform adds a number of recipients hosted at leading ISPs, the so-called “seed addresses”. Then these inboxes are checked automatically to see where your mail has been delivered, inbox or spam. The delivery statistics are available during sending. The ISPs with the most recipients are listed at the top, so you can check at a glance whether your campaign is working as planned. The measurement is done for every message you send, and changes to ISPs’ filtering patterns will not affect your statistics.


You can focus on your creative campaigns and monitor the performance when you send the messages. As soon as you notice problems getting placed in inboxes, you can apply best practices, for example from our delivery experts, to improve your success rate.

Our digital solutions allow us to monitor your emails marketing delivery performance.  We go beyond just ensuring that your emails are delivered, and monitor email placement into INBOX. 

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