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Data Management Platform (DMP)

Identify Audiences Across Anonymous and Known Channels


Our Key Differentiator

  • Tag Management Capability

  • Data Collection and Unification (1st and 3rd party, known and anonymous)

  • Event Definition UI

  • Audience (Segment) Builder

  • Data Science Engine: enables customisable lookalike modeling

  • Customisable Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

  • Data Query Reporting Engine

  • Customer Journey Storyboard

  • Audience Analytics

  • Privacy controls

  • Robust Open API’s for data injection, configurations, and operations

  • 40+ Ecosystem Integrations (DSP, SSP, ESP, Web Personalization, Search, CRM, Web Analytics, Marketing Automation platforms, etc.)

  • DSP/SSP Agnostic

  • Core DMP functionality

  • Data Collection, Management & Segmentation

  • Online (Cookie) to Offline (CRM) customer record matching

  • Integration with media buying platforms (networks, exchanges, DSP)

  • Integration with marketing execution platforms

  • Integration with 2nd & 3rd party data providers

  • Centralised analytics & reporting

Data Management Platform

​Connect with Audience Behavior in Every Channel

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Take control of all your customers’ data from a single platform. DMP can help you and your agency partners merge the marketing ecosystems of known and anonymous audiences. Gain the insights you need to target rich segments across the paid, earned, and owned ecosystem.

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