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Data Management Platform (DMP)

Identify Audiences Across Anonymous and Known Channels


Features and Capabilities

Providing marketers with integrated insights to help you better connect with customers, the Data Management Platform builds on our Customer Engagement Platform for a seamless work flow from audience identification to deploying marketing messages. Each of the features outlined below will help you capture 100 percent of customer interaction data across all channels. Furthermore these capabilities allow you to see insights from every stage of the customer journey.

Data Collection
Data Collection helps marketers integrate data on their web sites, ad impressions, and clicks in real time. For any page view, impression, or click you can track over 100 data points per web user. This data can be used to create audiences to fit campaigns. By capturing this data, Teradata unlike any other company can provide unified interaction management across outbound, real-time, and audience marketing—and unified data across anonymous and known customers.

For this purpose, the Data Management Platform allows you to create, configure, and export data tracking pixels. These pixels can be used on numerous touch points to accurately report on traffic and views, providing instant performance indicators on your initiatives.

Custom Audiences
When you have collected the data, it’s time to get value out of it by creating relevant audiences. Custom Audiences allows you to segment users on the hundreds of data points collected or integrated with the Data Management Platform.

The Audience Preview functionality enables you to see an estimated review of the audience to determine if this audience contains a certain amount of users that would make sense for targeting. When you have successfully created an audience, you can select the desired platform to push the audience to. Configure an on-site pixel for conversion purposes.

Look-alike Audiences
Look-alike Audiences enable marketers to target more people who look like an established input audience or customer segment. Based on a trained model that analyzes many data points, the Look-alike Audience uses an existing pool of users to build a Look-alike Audience of customers or prospects that are similar to the input audience. 

Look-alike Audiences can be used to support any business objective: targeting people who are similar to converted users, people that have certain interests, or simply to drive additional awareness of a brand. The Look-alike Audiences in the Data Management Platform update in real-time, which gives clients a unique opportunity to target them at an early stage. A Look-alike Audience can be optimized for Similarity or Reach.

Similarity: When optimized for similarity the reach of the new Look-alike Audience will be smaller, but the match will be more precise.
Reach: When optimized for reach the size of the new Look-alike Audience will be greater, but with a less precise match. 
By default, the Look-alike Audience will be automatically optimized towards a balanced trade-off between similarity and reach.

Audience Insights
For both Custom Audiences and Look-alike Audiences, the DMP offers Audience Insights. These insights include the following: 

  • Trend line of Audience Loads & Reach of the last 7 days.

  • Loads indicate the amount of users added to the audience.

  • Reach indicates the number of users you have seen in the entire audience. 

  • Audience Totals Unique users of today and of the last 7 days.

  • Audience Overlap (top 10) The overlapping audiences within the account. 

  • Audience Gender the split between Female and Male.

Campaign Performance
The client is able to select a campaign and will see the unique reach, click through rate (CTR) and cost per thousand (CPM) per day for the campaign in combination with the audience.

User Overlap
User Overlap from the Data Management Platform allows marketers to easily run an analysis, gaining valuable and strategic insights on the user overlap between two items. This analysis calculates the percentage of overlapping (unique) users that are included in both the input item as well as the comparative item. This is especially useful in understanding the intersection of your many audiences. You are able to create cross-dimensional reports with data from audiences, pixels, external pixels, site domains, and campaigns. The report will show a graphical view and a tabular view of the data, which includes the item name and the percentage of the overlap relative to the input.

The Real-Time Dashboard in the Data Management Platform allows marketers to monitor campaign activity across one or more platforms in real time. 

Data Management Platform

​Connect with Audience Behavior in Every Channel

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