Customer Experience Marketing

The objective of our Customer Engagement Consulting is to establish a baseline understanding of the marketing & CRM data assets, assessment of current digital marketing practices, processes, people and technology. We will concentrate on the baseline understanding of existing digital marketing program and an initial data audit exercise to review data collateral and estimate what data-driven strategic activities can be deployed.


        Business Value Analysis of digital marketing program

  • Customer centric marketing approach moving from mass marketing to 1:1 customer communications experience. 

  • The rates of penetration, churn and engagement of the member base. 

  • The value of data asset, building an actionable customer profile and single identity.

       Customer Experience Analysis

  • Customer experience aligned with the organization’s overall strategy and brand.

  • Customer touch points experience.

  • Missed opportunities.

       Marketing Operational Assessment

  • Customers engagement strategy

  • Customer database & segmentation strategy

  • Missed marketing opportunities

  • Marketing program organization 

       Recommendations for the “Winning Roadmap”

  • Best practices and actionable recommendations and Customer Experience Roadmap.

  • Develop the Roadmap Plan for rollout – identifying Resources, Key Stakeholders, Roles & Responsibilities and Critical Path.

  • Support in evaluating technology platforms and identifying the right platform for successful implementation.

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We are an interactive marketing company specializing in DIGITAL and LOYALTY marketing. Employing leading edge digital technologies, we bring best of breed email marketing solutions, mobile marketing solutions, marketing automation and web marketing technologies to our customers. 

We are passionate about customer experience, and helping our clients to derive rich and rewarding interactions with their customers. We help clients engage their audience with exceptional efficiency through real-time, optimized experiences. Reach customers with the best message at the right time,  at every stage of their journey with your brand.

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