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Electronic Statement

Replace your paper statements with rich, interactive, secure electronic documents that are delivered directly to customer inboxes. Striata’s eStatement Solution does not require customers to proactively enroll and remember usernames and passwords to retrieve their statements. It succeeds because customers respond reactively...

Customers receive the initial electronic version of their statement and through an innovative ‘one click’ eConsent process, agree to have all future statements delivered as electronic documents only.

For added convenience customers can also save and view the eStatement offline or outside the email client, with all the security features intact. Because convenience drives customer adoption, this delivery channel can be used to expand and complement existing online services, ultimately helping companies achieve their paper turn-off targets.

The Striata eStatement Advantage:

  • Significant savings – reduction of paper, printing and postage costs

  • Easy access to the eStatement from within the customer’s inbox – no need to visit a website or log in

  • Ability to save and view the eStatement offline with all the security features intact

  • Mobile ready – Striata eStatements are viewable on Blackberry and Windows mobile devices

  • Fast start – Rapid implementation, available as SaaS, no software or infrastructure purchase and no risk, pay per use pricing

  • Environmental benefits – eStatements drive paper turn-off, helping companies reduce their ‘carbon footprint’

  • Effective customer touch points – provide effective, powerful real estate for personalized marketing offers

  • Complement existing web based initiatives – links within the secure eStatement drive qualified customer traffic to online portals

Drive paperless customer adoption with Striata’s eStatement Solution

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