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We are an interactive marketing company specializing in DIGITAL and LOYALTY marketing. Employing leading edge digital technologies, we bring best of breed email marketing solutions, mobile marketing solutions, marketing automation and web marketing technologies to our customers. 

We are passionate about customer experience, and helping our clients to derive rich and rewarding interactions with their customers. We help clients engage their audience with exceptional efficiency through real-time, optimized experiences. Reach customers with the best message at the right time,  at every stage of their journey with your brand.

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Professional Campaign Execution Deployment Service

Worrying about the lack of expertise and availability of trained resources to execute your email marketing or mobile marketing campaigns?

We hear your concerns and offer you professional campaign deployment services for a small fee.  Our professional services team are well experienced in executing campaigns in line with global best practices to ensure you optimize your campaign results every time. 

The service is provided to clients who do not have the resources and expertise to execute their marketing campaigns.  The service encompasses the full range of work scope required to manage, execute and track the results of campaigns.  Includes:

  • Execute the email campaign according to pre-defined parameters and requirements

  • Schedule date/time of deployment, Preferences, Send rate, Segment and filtering

  • Upload html template to the email marketing system

  • Testing the html using rendering tools and rectify coding errors

  • Uploading, cleansing and segmenting database list

  • Uploading database list

  • Managing Bounce/Unsubscribe emails to protect sender reputation

  • Preparation of monthly campaign reports

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