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Why All Customer Loyalty Program Should Be Automated

Updated: Feb 15

A loyalty programs data collection capabilities can pick up fully compliant customer data anywhere along the customer lifecycle and, most importantly, places a current or predictive value on every member who visits your website, views each individual pages, clicks a call-to-action, visits a brick-and-mortar store or redeems a loyalty benefit.

Now Machine Learning and AI tools are being used to automate those workflows needed to personalise the customer experience across this entire lifecycle

1️⃣What journeys you want customers to take or how you want them to engage with your brand:

▶️Welcome, Post Purchase, Abandoned Basket, Referral, Award or Redemption of Loyalty Value.

2️⃣What customer segments or personas you want to target based on your own purchase and behavioural data:

▶️Location, Behaviours, Preferences, Recency, Frequency, Commercial Value. 3️⃣The delivery channel and timing of your campaigns:

▶️Key Events, Message Personalisation, Location, Weather Information.

4️⃣ Campaign performance measurement and re-targeting:

▶️Timing, Content.

Today’s approach to consumer loyalty marketing prioritizes a personalised customer experience based on ongoing, profitable engagement with your ‘best’ or ‘best potential’ customers.

By fully automating the management of their workflows the most innovative customer loyalty programs are already using the power of AI to deliver measurable performance improvements across the customer lifecycle.

This article was first published by Customer Strategy Network. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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