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The Science & Psychology of Human Engagement for Customer Loyalty

Dr Anil Pillai is a human engagement expert, with experience advising some of the world's top firms across Europe, India and the Middle East. He is passionate about applying a deep understanding of human psychology to consumer's behaviour - whether it's to communicate effectively or change a desired behaviour.

In today's show, we discuss concepts such as the 'Effort Assessment Score" as a framework that evaluates the effort needed for a customer to complete a task, our concerns about "loss of control" and the need to design our customer's loyalty journey with speed and simplicity in mind.

We also discuss insights around the perception of various communications channels for audiences and how these may be perceived by users.

For anyone interested in the neuroscience of either business or loyalty, Dr Pillai offers some superb insights to include in your approach.

Show Notes:

1) Dr. Anil V. Pillai


3) Terragni Consulting

4) EAS - Effort Assessment Score Framework

5) Don Peppers

6) Customer Fest Virtual Conference



This article was first published by Let's Talk Loyalty. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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