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Data Capture and Trust - Cheetah Digital's Approach

Updated: Feb 14

With consumer trust at an all-time low, marketers are increasingly exploring how they can use gamification and fun to capture data and create profiles of customers in ways they enjoy, rather than avoid.

Cheetah Digital's platform is entirely based on this approach, leveraging experience-led loyalty mechanics in ways that are meaningful and engaging.

Customer's values have changed, and in this short summary episode, I summarize the insights I learned in 2021 from chatting with Richard Jones, the Chief Marketing Officer at Cheetah Digital.

Listen to learn these insights on how marketing etiquette is evolving based on the need for more interactive and engaging relationships with customers.

Show Notes:

1) Richard Jones - Chief Marketing Officer at Cheetah Digital

2) Cheetah Digital

3) Signals 22 - The Award Winning Content Series

4) LTL Episode 151: Connecting with Customers through Compelling Content & Experiences

This article was first published by Let's Talk Loyalty. Permission to use has been granted by the publisher.

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