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Loyalty Management System

Multiple redemption and fulfilment channels ranging from mobile store, online store, call centre, over-the-counter.

Today’s customers expect you to know who they are across all digital touch-points. They expect you to know and anticipate their needs so that you can value them for their time, attention, and loyalty to your brand. Simple? Not quite.

Businesses have multiple internal systems operating and processing data in silos, each having a partial view of the customer. Even if the data is centralized in a data-store, the fundamental issue is that customer data is not “Marketing Ready”. This means, you need to initiate a manual process of querying the database, generating a list, and then transferring that list via batch file to different marketing automation platform (email, mobile, sms, web, social). This process takes days to weeks and creates a gap between insight and action, resulting in missed opportunities to engage or delight customers during moments that matter.

More importantly, this leads to poor customer experience, missed opportunities to engage, and ultimately loss of profitable interactions.

To overcome these challenges, businesses need to have the ability to unify and have a single view of their customer data, which is updated and actionable in real time. Segmentation should be dynamic and automated, and campaigns should be behaviorally triggered and personalized on a 1:1 basis in real-time.

Our Platform is focused on maximizing the lifetime value of your existing customers. At a high level we do three things:


1. We unify your customer data make it "Marketing Ready"


2. We enable you to activate that data by delivering personalized messaging, offers and experiences across all channels and finally


3. We enable you to extend the lifetime and value of your customer relationships.


  • Customer Portal

  • API

  • Administration

  • Business Intelligence 

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Mobile

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