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Loyalty Consulting

In collaboration with Customer Strategy Network, we offer bespoke consulting services to brands looking to elevate their programs in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

The scope of consulting services include:

  1. Benchmarking program performance against the overall industry and/or other programs in your category or region

  2. Analysis and understanding of the current landscape for customer loyalty, the different global models for customer engagement and how these can work given your own operational model and key performance indicators

  3. End to end tendering process for a new program. Supplier selection, evaluation and contracting

  4. Audit existing martech technology. Ensuring alignment with customer outputs, commercial performance, data optimisation and CRM journey mapping

  5. Design, implementation and operation of a new loyalty program, including:

  • Business Case Creation, including customer lifetime value predictions & liability management

  • CRM journey mapping

  • Social engagement strategies & measurement

  • Go to market plan, incl employee training & media awareness

  • Content creation & distribution

  • Reward strategy and partnerships

  • Supplier selection, evaluation and contracting


About Customer Strategy Network:

The Customer Strategy Network is a global consortium of leading independent customer loyalty practitioners, strategists and academics who come together to help businesses of all sizes better leverage and grow their customer assets throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

In a world of increasingly well-designed and optimised customer insights, marketing automation and loyalty programs, CSN helps make those marginal gains needed to deliver sustainable competitive advantage, solving complex problems relating to ongoing customer engagement

CSN provides a trusted perspective on customer loyalty based around the specialisms contained within the global network; behavioural science, customer value engineering, training, technology, payments convergence, multi-tenant, privacy & regulation, customer management innovation and customer research.


Our Partners are professional, easy to work with and deliver a quality service both as a collective and through their individual businesses.

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