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Customer Data Platform

The Customer Data Platform for Customer Centric Businesses


Centralize data collection, unify customer profiles from disparate sources, create and manage segments, and activate those segments in priority channels with a customer data platform. Mapp’s CDP is both the foundation for data-driven marketing and customer-centric marketing.

Gather and Store More Data
Unify your data by merging all fragmented data sources into one central place. Data sets that were previously siloed will be able to communicate with each other for the first time. You’ll be able to draw on first-, second-, and third-party customer data when planning and executing personalized marketing efforts. This type of convergence can unlock breakthroughs that weren’t previously accessible, including an unrivaled level of customer centricity.

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Customer
With a converged data infrastructure, you’ll be able to create a 360-degree profile of individual customers, knowing their behavior both online and offline. Understand your customers – their interests, preferences, behavior online and offline – and use that data to predict whether they will convert or churn. The 360-degree view is the basis for transforming an organization’s relationship with customers from transaction to experiential.

Connect With Other Systems to Execute Campaigns
Mapp’s advanced APIs connect your entire marketing eco system and unify customer profiles across systems, with Mapp’s Customer Data Platform at its core. As a result, you can enrich customer profiles with incoming data from all your sources. Then execute marketing campaigns through Mapp Engage or third-party platforms with more sophisticated segmentation, targeting, and personalization.



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