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Data Management Platform (DMP)

Identify Audiences Across Anonymous and Known Channels


All marketers face a similar challenge, delivery channels have exploded. Once limited to direct mail, radio, and television, marketers can now reach out via email, Web, SMS, digital display, mobile apps, and numerous social avenues. Each touch point generates new data, so customer information has grown in equal proportion.


Sifting through terabytes of information and identifying your customers’ interactions seems impossible given all the channels and devices. But a savvy marketer must respond with relevant and individualized messages to meet customer expectations. What would you do if you knew you could collect and integrate data on anonymous and known audiences?

Data Management Platform offers a powerful Data Management Platform to help you make sense of the onslaught of customer data coming from multi-channel marketing.The platform allows you to collect and integrate data across channels and use it in multiple campaigns and projects. With DMP, You’ll be able to leverage integrated insights from every marketing channel to increase engagement and return on investment.

The Data Management Platform allows you to bridge the worlds of customer marketing and digital advertising, ensuring a consistent customer experience regardless of the consumer’s channel.

Data Management Platform enables customers to bring the online advertising and customer marketing data together to drive immediate insight and action.

What is Data Management Platform (DMP) ?

According to Forrester Research a Data Management Platform (DMP) is “a unified technology platform that intakes disparate first-, second-, and third-party data sets, provides normalization and segmentation on that data, and allows a user to push the resulting segmentation into live interactive channel environments.”

Put simply, the DMP lets you collect and analyze data about your customers —including behavioral, geographic, and psychographic data - from every digital touch point in one platform and lets you operationalize that data across a wide range of media execution channels. The resulting integrated picture of all your data sources, from both your own first-party data and third-party sources, and lets you target your audience with a greater degree of accuracy.

Furthermore, the right DMP lets you see how your resulting campaigns are performing in real time and can let you optimize the media buy and advertising creative on the fly. It allows users to create custom segments, predict segment volumes, synchronize the segments with other sources, to overlay advanced analytics and is often integrated into DSP platforms or a part thereof. For the first time, companies gain a truly integrated and cohesive view of real-time campaign performance.

Seamlessly move between anonymous and known customers across paid and owned channels

Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform

​Connect with Audience Behavior in Every Channel

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