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Customer Engagement

ONE Platform for All Digital Marketing Channels to power the customer experience across Email, Mobile and Web. 

Creating automated campaigns is not complex anymore. A recent study shows that marketing automation is considered to be effective but difficult to execute. At the same time Email marketing automation remains highly relevant to marketers. What’s more, data driven marketers need to react quickly to market demand.


For more than a decade, our Email Marketing Automation Tool is used by marketers around the world who run campaigns for some of the most valuable and trusted brands. Today there are already thousands of active automated processes that have been designed by our customers to communicate with their customers. Automation Whiteboard makes it now even easier to set up sophisticated automated email campaigns and other workflows – without the help from programmers.

Platform Capabilities

  • Interactive. Save time and budget by visualizing and understanding your workflows easily

  • Centralized View. Manage multiple automations on one whiteboard

  • Templates. Use templates and already created email-marketing processes as starting points to speed-up the setup of new processes

  • Leverage easy-to-use, predefined templates

  • Validation. Be sure that your processes work right away by validating it with a single click

Reach your audience on multiple online platforms from one, seamless interface

Orchestration allows you to quickly and easily create fully automated and complex multi-step customer campaigns triggered by current subscription data.

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