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Customer Engagement

​Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help you optimize customer experiences across channels

Customer Insights


  • Aggregated performance summary across all campaigns

  • Campaign performance analysis by Message/Group Category

  • Individual message performance analysis

  • Customer analysis on growth and engagement trends

  • Customer intelligence (most engaged time of the day/week)

  • Customer location and device analysis

  • Send-out performance

Campaign Dashboards


Customer Analysis and Insights


  • Retention Cohorts

  •  User Segmentation for Analytics

  •  Recency, Frequency, Engagement

  •  Customer Journey

  •  Audience targeting

  •  Customer Demographics & Affinities

  •  Conversion Probability

  •  Product Performance


Web Personalization


  • Data-driven audience targeting

  • Personalized banners based on context of the engagement as well as customer profile

  • Pop-overs

  •  HTML block insertion based on dynamic rules

Powerful ways to plan and create value across all digital channels

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